Scenic drives in Santa Ynez Valley

Scenic Drives to the Santa Ynez Valley

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California Road Trip Scenic Highway Drives
One of many scenic views on Highway 154 – 

When taking a scenic road trip drive to the Santa Ynez Valley from Southern California you have two choices; take the mountain route up Highway 154 when you get to Northern Santa Barbara, arriving in the township of Santa Ynez; or stay on Highway 101 up the coast, arriving in Buellton, or Los Olivos a little further, or Los Alamos a little further still. Both drives are spectacular.

The mountain route is shorter but speed limits are slower. The beauty of the Santa Ynez Mountains with Santa Barbara sprawled out below is breathtaking, and once you go over the peak and start heading down into the valley, you are instantly taken away from the coast and immersed in mountain and valley beauty.

The coastal route is a little longer, but traffic is light and the speed limit is 65. You are gifted with the expanse of the Pacific Ocean to your left and our unique West to East mountain range on your right, passing many amazingly beautiful beaches and pastoral hills.

Either way you come, the approach is a great way to clear your mind, take in the sights, and get ready to enjoy all the Santa Ynez Valley has to offer.

The Original Roadtrip Highway 101 Classic California Drives
Another gorgeous view from Highway 101

Ballard | Buellton | Los Alamos | Los Olivos | Santa Ynez | Solvang

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