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Business and Leisure Travel in the Santa Ynez Valley

Below you will find travel information for the Santa Ynez Valley.


Santa Ynez Valley map in Santa Barbara County

During storms you might want to check your route to and from the Santa Ynez Valley for any roads or highways that might be impacted at California Road Conditions.

Also, you may want to review the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page to find out about local California Traffic conditions.


Santa Ynez Valley Weather Stats: Average annual temperatures range from 76° F/32° C to 54° F/12° C. Summer highs 80°-90° F and winter lows to 40° F. August is typically the warmest month and December the coolest. Average seasonal rainfall is 9-17 inches. February is typically the wettest month.

Review the Santa Barbara County real-time rain report and other local weather information, such as NWS Radar  and NWS 7-day forecast.


For local public health information, visit the Santa Barbara County Public Health Department: