Valley Wellness Collective

Valley Wellness Collective
There’s no better place to regain your balance, practice mindfulness, actively explore, and lean into joy than Santa Barbara County.

Valley Wellness Collective produces mini-retreats and events where you can discover new passions and talents, or deepen your existing self-care practice by making time for activities you love. Meet local artists, instructors, and wellness professionals who will guide you through activities from our Five Pillars: Movement, Creativity, Nourishment, Relaxation, and Mindfulness.

Looking for something fresh and fulfilling for your corporate retreat, birthday party, family reunion or girls getaway? Regardless of the nature of your event, we will work with you to create an experience that fits truly your needs. Whether you want to stimulate learning, create a calming atmosphere, or just destress as a group, Valley Wellness Collective will help guide your group to a new place of inspiration, balance and motivation.
Exercise Programs
Nutrition / Cooking Classes
Arts & Crafts Workshops
Relaxation Techniques
Mindfulness Practices