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Saddle up for the Western Art Exhibit at Solvang Antiques Fine Art Gallery

Start Date:
October 10, 2015
End Date:
November 20, 2015
Solvang Antiques

A great tradition at the Judith Hale Gallery is the presentation of Western Fine Art. This October, Solvang Antiques in conjunction with Judith Hale Gallery, is pleased to announce their Western Art Exhibit. Featured are new works by Kelly Donovan, Joe Eggert, Don Weller, and Mehl Lawson. Numerous other works by noted Western artists, including etchings by Bob Coronato and Phil Tognazzini, will be on display.

Donovan is known for his impressionistic style, bold color, and images of cowboys and their unique culture. Asked about his work, he humorously responds “The American Cowboy…what is it about them? Every boy wants at some time in this life to be one. Every girl at some time in her life wants to love one. As for me, I still want to ride off into the sunset on my trusted “hoss” to round-up the cattle or save some girl in trouble. It’s a fading part of history not given its due course. This is the reason I love to create artwork depicting their life and work. They were hard working boys mostly facing things we only have nightmares about.”

The exhibit includes an incredible new sculpture entitled “Every Step Counts” by Joe Eggert, depicting a rider with two pack horses descending a treacherous incline. A popular San Diego artist, Eggert is very familiar with the Western lifestyle, giving his work a sense of understanding to accurately portray the action necessary for the motion and detail of the subject.

Utah artist Don Weller has a long career in the art world. He struggled with the choice to be a cowboy or an artist. He has been rewarded along the way to be both! His new work “Roany Had a Bay” is that tender moment of new life captured in watercolor that Weller is so noted for. He is a master in the use of color, employing a sometimes surprising palette.

Long known for his sculpture and braiding, Mehl Lawson is now demonstrating his skill on the canvas. You will be excited to discover the wonderful mastery of oil that he has added to his resume. Lawson is the only artist to be invited into the elite association of Cowboy Artists of America in both sculpture and braiding classifications. There is the same kind of magic in the hands that shape the sculptor’s clay and his rawhide braiding as there is in the hands that hold the reins of a horse. Lawson brings to each a concentrated focus that produces horseback memories and sculptural images of pure grace and beauty.

Join us for this exhibition October 10th through November 20th.

All works are currently available for viewing and purchase at Solvang Antiques Fine Art Gallery or available online at solvangantiques.com.

Solvang Antiques Fine Art Gallery located in Solvang, California, is over a thousand square feet of fine antique art and revolving exhibits consisting of contemporary artist works in conjunction with the Judith Hale Gallery. The Judith Hale Gallery openings rotate throughout the year with special features such as the Spring and Holiday Art Shows, along with themed exhibits. Always on display are the recognized artists formerly found at the gallery in Los Olivos, CA, which include traditional and Western themes.

Solvang Antiques is located at 1693 Copenhagen Drive in Solvang, CA 93463, and is open seven days a week. For more information contact Judith Hale at (805) 686-2322 or visit www.solvangantiques.com

Saddle up for the Western Art Exhibit at Solvang Antiques Fine Art Gallery Location