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Farstrup-Mortensen Lecture Series

Start Date:
February 24, 2017
End Date:
February 26, 2017
Bethania Lutheran Church

The Reformation and its Consequences
Professor Kirsi Stjerna
Bishop Dr. Guy Erwin

The 2017 lectures will focus on the Reformation and its impact, not only on Christianity, but on society at large. The authority of the church was challenged by Martin Luther 500 years ago with the publication of his 95 theses on October 31, 1517. This radical act encouraged and emboldened others to begin to question the common wisdom in various fields of life. This, in turn, gave impetus to an entire era called The Age of Enlightenment. Sapere aude — have the guts to reason for yourself — became the motto for this age of reason. All this in turn advanced sciences and technologies that eventually have made it possible for you to own a smartphone! Join us and participate as we explore our roots. Unless we know where we came from, we can not know where we are and, therefore, can not know where we are going.

Bethania Lutheran Church

Farstrup-Mortensen Lecture Series Location