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Best Golf Vacations in California

Early this spring, a kind gentleman walked into my office to pitch an idea regarding golf packages and a new online magazine. The idea actually sounded like a good one but would take a lot of leg work. He presented it as a win-win for everyone involved and it made sense to me. But would anyone else get it as I did? He was near retirement age but had a sparkle in his eye so I agreed to make introductions. It is our privilege at VisitSYV to bring visitors here and we have several golf courses, lots of amazing wineries and now incredible restaurants as well.

We sent out emails, and where there was interest I helped where I could. He reported the status regularly even though I had no real investment except in hoping it would be a quality product. Every report was impressive and I started to believe he was going to pull it off.

Earlier this month he reported back that the magazine SoCalGolfInsider was alive and online. It has already been viewed by thousands of people and I have heard from the hotels involved they been taken by surprise with the number of calls. Here is the first edition. It looks as though it truly is a win-win.


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