Luxury in Los Olivos

Los Olivos Vacation
Bella and I in the heart of Los Olivos

I made reservations to stay at the Fess Parker Wine Country Inn & Spa for a Tuesday evening. The night arrived, and due to logistical reasons, I brought my beautiful 6 year old daughter, Bella, with me. We were greeted warmly when we checked in around 5:30pm. I did not know until now that many of the rooms are across the street from the lobby. The Inn was built in 1985 and the Parkers took ownership in 1998.

When we entered the room I was blown away. Suite 16 is styled and appointed to the highest standard. The living room and the bedroom both have fireplaces, and the bathroom with its modern warmth is amazing.

Best Hotel in Los Olivos
Hospitality with a personal touch

I noticed a hand written note on a counter so picked it up to read. It was a warm and personal welcome. Nice touch. Having my daughter with me meant the only thing on her mind was the pool. We looked out the window and there it was. We changed into our suits and ran downstairs. The pool fits the overall theme of elegance and is a consistent 83 degrees.

Los Olivos Hotels
Bella taking a dip in the pool

After a good swim and play, we went back to the room to rinse off and get ready for bed. It was very fun to discover several strategically placed shower heads blasting your body from all directions. Being mindful of our drought, we both took very short showers.

We got our jammies on and realized our bed had been turned down. I also found this tasting card. Tomorrow is a work day and Bella is a little too young, so we can’t take advantage, but what hospitality!

Los Olivos Wine Tasting
Complimentary Wine Tasting with your stay

We ordered a light snack and dessert from room service and it was amazing. We then went right to sleep. Awaking rested, we walked across the street to Petros for the complimentary (order off the menu) breakfast. Back to the room to pack up, check out, and head to summer camp (Bella) and work (me).

In summary, we had an incredible stay and I honestly did not know Fess Parker Wine Country Inn & Spa is a World Class luxury hotel. Right in our quaint town of Los Olivos.

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